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Welcome to Consult3,  I am an independent Online Marketing Consultant with vast knowledge of google marketing, pay per click,  content marketing,  web design/structure and social media engagement for businesses on every level.  Throughtout my website I give you a little more insight into the world of online marketing and just what services i can offer in order to give you the best chance of online success.  Not all aspects of online marketing maybe right for you,  what is the right mix for one company maybe a complete waste of time for another,  but only a in depth conversation about how your business operates will truly highlight potential areas for success
Online marketing is no longer about just gaining a selected number of keywords to the top of google, if that is your train of thought then let me help you broaden your horizons and enlighten you into what will work. I find it hard to comprehend why so many companies are led up the garden path with thoughts that just an seo campaign targeting a few keywords is going to catapult their businesses or just an attractive looking website will bring in floods of leads.
I get excited to understand clients businesses and want you to do the same. Understanding how your business operates, makes a profit, what niches you work in, how your customers interact and purchase your product or services is essential for me to create an online marketing plan that I can help project manage and if needs be train your own internal marketing team, if in deed that is required.
I like to work with local companies and have a real hands on approach to online marketing,  you wont be passed from pillar to post to less experienced staff as I dont have any, you will deal with just me.  

I only work with a few select clients to give you the best service for your business, its just not in my make up to overload myself with too many clients.

Clients who currently work with me reap the benefits of an experienced online marketer with over 10 years expereince who serves the businesses of Lancashire and the surrounding North West areas with some real insight into taking their businesses to the next level.

I like to be transparent in my service offering and I like to get away from the old mentality of the 'smoke and mirrors' approach in the world on 'search'.  To book an appointment to see if I can assist you, please feel free to contact me.

Author: Adam Livermore

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Our Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Adam for the past 3 years, he quickly got to know the hearing industry and all advice he had given has been based on extensive research of the competitive industry in which we are based. Since working with Adam our business has gone from someone barely recognised in Google to being one of the main providers in the industry. Our traffic has increased and we now feel as though we have the knowledge and the know how in running a successful online campaign. Adam is professional and has practical hands on experience in dealing with complex SEO issues. He shows commitment in every way to your campaign. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with him.

Paul - Hearing Aid Company

Before working with Adam we used an SEO agency, at times I questioned where my money was being spent and they never achieved any of the results they promised. Having Adam working with us over the past 3 years we have noticed significant difference, his understanding of the business insolvency has been second to none. Adam always likes to make sure that we understand everything he is doing and how we should market ourselves within our sector. We have noticed that marketing is important to our business and we are now generating leads daily through our online marketing. Through the in-depth Adam did on our site he advised on the areas and structures that needed to be changed in order to be user friendly. With everything that Adam has suggested we have noticed our rankings started to increase month after month after month. It’s been a gradual campaign but one I feel has grown in a steady and secure way.

John - Insolvency Company

I first got in-touch with Adam to help me understand the online marketing industry. After using a couple of SEO agencies and not always feeling I was getting the best for my money Adam was happy to consult on PPC marketing and Onsite SEO. Adam taught me how to do onsite and interlink my site, it was nice to start to have control of my own success online for the first time in years.

Katie - Reclamation Company

We got in-touch with Adam after our previous company launched an unsuccessful PPC campaign. Adam was able to quickly research our industry and identify which areas and phrases needed to be used. Everything Adam said and suggested made sense and it is good to have that 1-2-1 support from someone who genuinely wants to see your business grow.

Paul - Asbestos Company

As a business we have only used Adam for last 3 months. We first approached him as our website had been affected by the penguin update and the advice we had, had off other agencies did not help. Adam identified what was the most significant impact of the penguin update to our business which was traffic being reduced to our site and the enquiries going down. In order to rectify the SEO and so as a business we did not lose any further money, Adam set up a PPC campaign. The PPC campaign meant that traffic, enquiries and business was able to keep afloat and allow us time as a business to rectify the work of previous SEO companies on our site. Adam is right when he says it is an overall strategy and it is a process of a little bit of everything.

David - Fibre Optic Company