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Whatever your niche or industry, we have reached a phase in online marketing where content marketing simply has to be part of your overall plan for success. The last couple of years have seen some pretty significant Google updates which have been geared towards rewarding great content and penalising bad, which obviously means that your content has to have superpowers! It’s time to start thinking about how you can set yourself apart from the competition. Does your content provide everything your customers need? Are you informative, engaging, do you have your finger on the pulse? Here are some great ideas to help you to create the sort of content that is going to take you to the top of the tree.

Produce Highly Shareable Content

This isn’t a hard as it sounds. First of all there are some ground rules which must be observed time after time. Never have any grammatical errors, typo’s or spelling errors. Be innovative. Don’t be too sales orientated with your posts, and use captivating images. Keep up to speed with relevant industry news, and release articles that are relevant to events taking place right now. Use infographics wherever possible, and use clear concise titles that let your readers know exactly what you are talking about and how it can benefit them to read it.

Make Your Content Easy to Digest

These days everyone is taking a huge amount of information in every time they turn on their computer, tablet or phone. For this reason, you need to make sure people can digest your content quickly and easily. Break things up with headings, bullet points and images. If it’s easy to read, people will read it!

Use Social Media Trends to Decide Your Article Topics

Use sources like LinkedIn Today and Twitter to find out what’s hot in your industry right now before writing your pieces. You’ll also find sites like Topsy and Klout useful in easily narrowing down your search to industries that are relevant to your business. Sites like these can be a goldmine for your content needs.

Always Think About Your Audience

Take a look at your FAQ’s and general content of your website, and try to make sure that your content always comes back to the topics close to the heart of your business. You have to be relevant to yourself, and if you have loyal followers and customers, they are going to want to hear from you about the things that matter to your company, not what you had for breakfast!

Promotion and Syndication

Make sure you are giving your audience what it wants, and make sure you’re giving them the opportunity to see it! A great way to do this is through the four largest social networks, which are LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and Twitter. This will give you a much wider overall reach, and will help you to improve your SEO as long as you are using keyword rich content that is fresh, relevant and well put together. If you want to go the extra mile (and you really should), then consider syndication via sites such as Business 2 Community and Social Media Today. This is another opportunity to be discovered in another part of the internet – it’s all about reach and amplification of your news items.

Content is becoming more and more important with every passing Google update. Make sure you anticipate the next one by focussing on high quality content that is going to mater to your client base. Good, ethical articles will always be of greater value to you, and if you follow these rules of thumb, you’ll have nothing to concern yourself with the next time Google plan a crackdown!

Adam Livermore

Adam Livermore

Author Adam Livermore is the Director of Consult3 Ltd a Preston (Lancashire) Based Online Marketing Consultancy. He has been involved in online marketing and web since 2003 and offers Training, Consultancy and Project Management for Businesses wanting to improve their online footprint, increase leads and convert more of their website visitors. View my services for more details

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