How to Make Facebook Work for Your Business

Most of us know how to use Facebook by now – after all there are over a billion users on what is the most successful social media site ever to have existed. That being said, a whole different approach needs to be taken when using Facebook for business. Here are a few tips to help you to make the most of this platform, which offers excellent advantages to any company if utilised correctly.

Understand Why You Are Using It

Some people might argue that Facebook is not for business, but we have to disagree with this assertion. If you have a business, you need a business Facebook page. Once at this stage, you need to clearly understand what your purpose is on the site. Assess the needs and wants of your customer base, and stick to the things that you know are relevant. No cute cat pictures are necessary!

Be Active, and Respond!

At present, it is estimated that only 3% of companies are responding to comments made by their followers. An incredible statistic and it makes us question why these brands are even using the platform. Basically, you need to respond to everyone who visits your page, and you certainly need to respond to every comment. Imagine if someone came into your store and you ignored them! It wouldn’t go down well.

Give Good Value

You should always be thinking about what you are providing your customers with and this very much applies when considering Facebook. You should try to find content across the web that is relevant to your niche, and post it up on your page, but this must be mixed with your own original posts. Don’t be afraid to take an old fashioned route either. Offering discounts and special offers always goes down well, and works as well on Facebook as it does on the high street.

Cross Promotion

Make sure that your Facebook page is linked with your website, your blog page, a Twitter page and your LinkedIn account.  All pages should interact with each other, which means that tweets can be highlighted on your Facebook page and vice versa. Get everything linked together for the benefit of your customers and for the benefit of your optimisation.

Be Mobile Ready

It’s important to recognise how many people are using their phones to access Facebook. Find out how your page looks on a mobile phone and optimise accordingly. You need to make sure your page can be found through a mobile search. At present, over 90% of people who utilise local search functions use Facebook to find local businesses on the net.

Use a Social Media Manager

If you think you can handle all of this yourself, then just dive in, and give it your all. However, for many businesses, you are going to find a growing amount of time needs to be dedicated to your social media activities. It can almost be a full time job for some, and it’s often better to pass all of this on to a social media manager. This means you are going to have someone onside who understands all of the above points, and can maximise opportunities for you quickly and easily using social media.

Adam Livermore

Adam Livermore

Author Adam Livermore is the Director of Consult3 Ltd a Preston (Lancashire) Based Online Marketing Consultancy. He has been involved in online marketing and web since 2003 and offers Training, Consultancy and Project Management for Businesses wanting to improve their online footprint, increase leads and convert more of their website visitors. View my services for more details

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