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Without Google and Co., the web would be one big jumble of information, the good mixed with the bad and the relevant with the irrelevant.


In order to make sense of the huge amount of content stuffed into the World Wide Web, search engines have grown up to use a phenomenal number of algorithms, functions and increasingly complex indexing tools to figure out what the reader wants to see and to bring it to them in 0.28 seconds (or thereabouts).


There’s little point in creating a beautiful and function-rich website if nobody ever visits it, and to get the great flow of traffic you are looking for you need to be on the first page of search results for the terms that relate to your business. Getting onto page 1 is not as difficult as it might seem, and the first step towards getting the ranking you need is to create some unique, friendly SEO content for your site.

SEO Content Consult3


At Consult3 we know what it takes to produce quality website content which isn’t the way it used to be. Algorithms improved and aren’t as technical; it’s now more important than ever to write for readers, not the search engines. Content that is littered with seemingly irrelevant keywords is a waste of time.

As well as keywords, search engines will look for the way your page has been shared and linked to from other sources to verify its authority and credibility. Clunky text that has no value to the human reader will never be shared or rated by others, so you’ll be missing a trick in terms of SEO.

Our focus is on working with local Preston based businesses on creating compelling, engaging and high quality SEO content targeted at the primary audience of the business – not the Google robot. Our results speak for themselves and we have numerous case studies upon request.


Adam Livermore

Adam Livermore

Author Adam Livermore is the Director of Consult3 Ltd a Preston (Lancashire) Based Online Marketing Consultancy. He has been involved in online marketing and web since 2003 and offers Training, Consultancy and Project Management for Businesses wanting to improve their online footprint, increase leads and convert more of their website visitors. View my services for more details