Convert Your Traffic - One of The Biggest Elements Of 'Search' That Is Neglected!

I’ve seen it hundreds of times; everything seems to be in place but you’re not getting the required results – this is where CRO comes in, something Consult3 has studied intensely in recent years.  It has found that many companies in Preston and further a field had the same problem! It’s now developed into a key Search online marketing strategy in its own right and when CRO is effectively delivered, it can provide you with some pretty earth-shattering information to transform your web presence.

In my experience, it’s this in-depth analysis that is far likely to provide an upturn in results 

Heatmaps can provide a visual representation of where users are spending time and provide invaluable information into your online customer trends. Applying a customer mindset to your own website allows you a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and lets you understand their decision-making process. Comprehending your website from a consumer angle will open up a whole new world of online conversion.

Consult3’s principles derive from CRO gurus Crazy Egg in the US who lead the way with eye tracking technology that helps understand how users are viewing your website and I take these principles and apply them to websites just like yours.  On the site and confetti maps show actual clicks; vital info that helps demonstrate what’s working and what isn’t, thus helping to increase conversion rates.

Another CRO trait that provides crucial web intelligence is to split-test the same page in different styles to see which style converts better. Static content can be published and left for years without any real insight into how it’s converting; when was the last time you looked at a call-to-action page on your website and worked out how effective it is? Have you just left it to its own devices for months? Maybe years?

"Websites need TLC which is just another acronym for CRO. By seeking to understand your different traffic sources, and how they behave, you’ll get some serious clarity into how your website is performing and whether you’ve got the right content and the right call-to-actions in the right places at the right time."
Adam Livermore

Adam Livermore

Author Adam Livermore is the Director of Consult3 Ltd a Preston (Lancashire) Based Online Marketing Consultancy. He has been involved in online marketing and web since 2003 and offers Training, Consultancy and Project Management for Businesses wanting to improve their online footprint, increase leads and convert more of their website visitors. View my services for more details