Remarketing - Ah Yes The Art of Your Adverts Following Me!

A fairly recent off-shoot of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is Google Remarketing and due to its relative infancy, most online marketing companies are yet to truly understand its worth and how to apply efficiently to their campaigns.


Which is criminal.


When orchestrated correctly, remarketing can be an incredibly effective online marketing strategy.


It’s all about positioning. Let’s look at it from a business owner’s perspective. You own a high street clothing store; someone comes in, looks around, maybe even tries on that funky-looking shirt. But alas, they put it back on the rail and out they go. A potential customer has lapsed.


But imagine this; once that person is back out in the big wide world confronted with hundreds of other businesses – some of which might be competitors to you – wouldn’t it be great to follow them and have your company continually in their faces despite them having walked out?


That is the power of Google Remarketing. The nature of sourcing products or information online is an indecisive one; there is so much out there for a consumer to take in that they inevitably shop around. But being able to market yourself to customers and influence their decisions after they have gone is an extremely powerful marketing strategy.


In an online sense, having your website advertised across the internet to people who have (crucially) already shown an interest in you or your products will be invaluable exposure for your search and Consult3 already has a number of impressive case studies where we have successfully implemented remarketing strategies for our clients in and around Preston.


It isn’t just for those who have walked away, too. You can remarket yourselves to those who have used your products or services recently and target them with ads to entice them back to you, maybe with discount codes or other ‘welcome back’ offers.


The benefits of remarketing are astounding, but implementing the right strategy designed to ramp up conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition is where Consult3 excels.

Adam Livermore

Adam Livermore

Author Adam Livermore is the Director of Consult3 Ltd a Preston (Lancashire) Based Online Marketing Consultancy. He has been involved in online marketing and web since 2003 and offers Training, Consultancy and Project Management for Businesses wanting to improve their online footprint, increase leads and convert more of their website visitors. View my services for more details